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Knowledge Nomads

Completing your continuing professional education requirements doesn't have to be dull and boring. At a Knowledge Nomads conference, you'll go, explore, learn and connect.


We create conferences for lawyers and healthcare professionals in exciting locations.  Our working programs explore aspects of the hottest issues facing our interconnected world today.  And we combine that learning with a unique social program to really get you under the skin of the place you're in.  You'll meet and spend time with interesting people from all over the globe.

You'll return home feeling as if you've been on holidays, with great new contacts you'll want to stay in touch with, and insights into the most pertinent issues of the day in your profession.


Our Team
Anne MacGregor

Anne has practised EU, competition, trade and regulatory law in Brussels for over two decades. Having sat through many excruciatingly boring legal conferences over the years, she conceived Knowledge Nomads in order to create learning events for lawyers and healthcare professionals which are not just intrinsically interesting - regardless of your area of day-to-day practice - but also fun and educational outside the lecture hall.  She speaks English, German and some French and Dutch.


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Josepha von Wolff Metternich
Event Management

Josepha was trained in international hotel management and early in her career worked in a number of leading hotels in Germany, Italy and the UK. She then spent fifteen years as the right-hand woman of a prominent German Member of the European Parliament, assisting not only in constituency work, but also in election campaigns. In 2009 she moved

into full-time event management as the director of a Belgian-based non-profit association which aims to enhance European unity and has members from the EU institutions, academia, the media and business.  She speaks German, English, French and Italian.


Sigrid Melchior
Curator, Cultural Programming

Sigrid is an art historian, lecturer and exhibition coordinator who has lived in Berlin since the mid-1990s and continues to be in love with Germany's vibrant capital in its constant state of change.  Her focus is on Modernism in art, design and architecture. She is particularly intrigued when art reflects and represents the political and cultural influences of its time - good and bad, critical and humorous. She studied art history and Italian literature in Germany and Italy and speaks German, English, Italian and some French.


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